Claymate - Monday to Saturday

We offer Claymate for those shooters with their own shotgun license and recognised insurance. The claymate gives you the flexibility to shoot at your own pace, choose your own targets and how many you shoot. If you are an inexperienced shooter, a non licence holder, or just would like someone to accompany you around the ground, we offer a minimum of a 100 caddied sporting round.

Open to LICENCE HOLDERS ONLY, and you must have your own shooting insurance from BASC, CPSA or other recognised shooting organisation.
Please ensure you have your original shotgun licence and a valid copy of insurance every time you visit.
The Claymate system can be used on our Sporting and DTL layouts, and there's no need to book!

42p per clay for non-members
35p for members


Further membership information can be found on our
membership page

Caddied Shooting

Guided or caddied sporting & DTL rounds are available for individuals who do not have a license, or would like someone to give you helpful advice if required. Minimum 100 clays.
MUST be pre-booked to avoid disappointment.

57p per clay for non-members
47p for members

Please note this is not a lesson.

Browning Rabbit Mania

This is a 20 bird compak layout and is not on our Claymate system - therefore pre-booking is strongly recommended to avoid disappointment.

£12 for non-members
£10 for members & Browning owners

Game Layout

Are you a game shooter looking for practice or a clay shooter looking for something different?
Why not come and practice on our 120 Bird Game Layout, which includes a flush, a walked-up and Browning Rabbit Mania.

£75 per person for non-members
£65 per person for members

Grounds Open

Mon-Fri: 9:00am, last card 4:30pm
Sat: 10:00am, last card 3:00pm
(shooting MUST stop at 4:00pm on Saturday.)


  • * A non-refundable deposit of £50 per person is required for ALL lessons & instruction days.
  • Lesson prices are PLUS cartridges and clays unless otherwise stated.
  • Members: 25 12-bore cartridges & clays = £17, Clays-Only = £9
  • Non-Members: 25 12-bore cartridges & clays = £20, Clays-Only = £11.25
  • All prices & conditions are subject to alteration without prior notice.
  • All prices are per-person, and include VAT unless otherwise stated.
  • c&c = cartridges & clays
  • All prices are per-person.
  • All lessons are charged by the hour and we do not charge a green fee.

Shooting Ground Rules

  • ONLY licence holders are permitted to use Clay Mate.
  • Do NOT touch any traps or fill any traps that are empty, if you have a problem you must call the phone number on the stand.
  • You must ONLY enter stands which are labelled Clay Mate.
  • You must have insurance from a recognised shooting organisation such as CPSA or BASC, please show your membership card or insurance certificate when you book in.
  • All Clays must be paid for at the end of each round, your licence will be held until you return to the shop to pay for your clays.
  • No Coaching on the stands.
  • Anyone under the age of 17 who has their own licence must be accompanied by someone over the age of 21.
  • For safety reasons please refrain from shooting NO Birds.
  • Clay cartridges only throughout the Shooting Grounds, in Plastic or Fibre WAD. Maximum load 28g 7.5 shot size.

Health & Safety

We strongly recommend that ALL shooters wear earphones & protective glasses for your own safety.

New Shooters & Beginners:-

For Health & Safety reasons members or guests who HAVE NOT SHOT BEFORE or have only limited experience are required to book a lesson rather than a sporting or DTL round . Alternatively we would be more than happy to cater for their needs by pre booking a Have‑A‑Go session.

Non Licence Holders/ Novice or Inexperienced Shooters:-

If you are a non licence holder novice or inexperienced shooter, you must call us and pre book a caddied sporting round. We will then organise an caddie to accompany you around the grounds. We do not allow sharing of guns.

For Health & Safety reasons members or guests who HAVE NOT SHOT BEFORE or have only limited experience are required to book a lesson rather than a sporting or DTL round . Alternatively we would be more than happy to cater for their needs on a Have‑A‑Go session.

We are delighted to welcome novice guests to the ground, but it is unfair on your fellow shooters to bring a novice guest and expect him or her to keep up with experienced shooters. Similarly, at NO time may anyone bring a novice guest and "instruct" them on the ground.

Age Limits:-

The age limit for Have‑a‑Go is 12 years old. If younger children wish to shoot we will be happy to book them in for a lesson with one of our experienced instructors. Please call us to discuss this and we can advise you on the best way to start your child shooting.